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Data Pack: Swindon winner in game with Scunthorpe

After a goalless first half Swindon seized control of the game against Scunthorpe in the second. Ultimately Swindon won Saturday’s away game in the England League Two 3-1.

The first half was goalless, but straight after half-time, Ryan Loft made his mark as he scored to give Scunthorpe the lead.

With more than 30 minutes on the clock, Swindon’s Jack Payne scored and equalised.

Swindon also made it 2-1 in the 68th minute, when Ben Gladwin found the net scored.

The 1-3 goal came, when Harry Parsons scored a goal for Swindon. Parsons then completed the team’s come back. This brought the final score to 1-3.

On Saturday, Scunthorpe face Rochdale and Swindon take on Carlisle at home.

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