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Best FIFA games of all time

The first-ever FIFA video game was released in 1993 and since then FIFA has released a title every single year.

So, it is an annually releasing franchise and there is so much to talk about!

Every one of us who are football fans and video game fanatics has played FIFA games at some point in our lives.

Whether on PC, Xbox or PlayStation doesn’t matter, what matters is all of us have had fun while playing it!

Some might argue that FIFA is not fun anymore, but just a golden goose that yields money for EA with every annual release.

With micro-transaction and game models designed to support the ‘pay-to-win’ nature, EA is simply extracting money from its users, even after they have paid for the game.

Another criticism is that EA practically releases the same game every year. The only change they implement is the change in the game title.

But there is so much you could do on a football game.

We may have veered off-topic there, talking about microtransactions and pay-to-win models, but that’s okay; it’s our love and enthusiasm for football and video games that sometimes takes over!

And despite all of the issues, we believe that playing FIFA can still be enjoyable!

Now, there have been some good FIFA games and then some really bad ones, but let’s put our microscope on the good ones for today as we talk about the best FIFA games released.

So, here is a list of the best FIFA games of all time!


Given how poorly the FIFA series is now seen, especially after the dreadful FIFA 21, it may surprise some people that the latest game reaches this list. To EA’s credit, the game has the most well-balanced gameplay in the franchise to date.

The Ultimate Team issues remain, and the Career Mode is in serious need of a revision, but it’s difficult to argue that the gameplay is the greatest ever produced, making FIFA 22 an obvious choice when selecting a FIFA game to play.


The addition of numerous new features ensures that FIFA 11 will be remembered fondly. An improved dribbling system, Manager Mode, which eliminates extraneous fluff, Pro Passing, which improves pass accuracy, and other features all contribute to a smooth gaming experience.

It can get carried away in its desire to be more realistic, but this is mitigated by the efficiency with which gameplay is executed. After all, mastering the styles of the players creates a professional mindset, making FIFA 11 a must-have title.


FIFA 10 has the second-best gameplay in the FIFA series, thanks to new features and game types. The presentation was great, as expected from the series, with superb graphics, superb music, and a brilliant English commentary.

Furthermore, the excessively long in-game transitions in online multiplayer games have been reduced, which significantly enhances the pace.

FIFA 10 is a high-quality soccer game with great performance, a variety of game types, and fixes all of FIFA 09’s problems.


We can only hope that other sports franchises will make upgrades of the same magnitude as FIFA 12 did. It eliminates the lack of novelty that afflicted its predecessor. The Manager Mode, which now feels like its own planet, is the most enticing aspect.

Because of helpful A.I. teams with greater talents that truly come across as being a cut above the rest, gamers participating on the same team can feel like a real unit. This raises the bar for perfection, and those who meet it can boldly claim to be FIFA 12 pros.