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Betting Bonus: How to Use Free Money to Bet

Learn how to make the most of betting bonuses:

Is there such a thing as free money to bet? There certainly is! The world of sports betting is complicated for the operators. The market rivals are always one click away, so the gamblers have a big advantage here: they can enjoy free resources to gamble and profit.

However, it’s important to understand how these promotions work. The marketing of the houses needs to focus on key information such as the percentage of deposit bonus or how many free spins to the casino the players can get, and the terms and conditions are much more complicated than that.

Let’s learn more about betting bonuses and how to make informed decisions to bet with free funds.

Betting bonus: the most famous types of promotions

In the world of soccer and other sports betting, the deposit bonus is the most important one. If you deposit €100, you can typically get between €50 and €100 in extra funds to bet. But the way the house gives you these funds can differ considerably.

Some sportsbooks give you a free or riskless bet. It means you can bet, for example, in the 1×2 market, and in case you lose the bet, up to a specific amount, you’ll not lose the money.

Other houses will simply give you extra cash to bet, but you’ll need to rollover the money. It means you need to bet the free cash a few times – and win – before you can withdraw that specific portion of your betting account’s balance.

Choosing good houses and betting bonus promotions

Naturally, there are good and bad promotions – just like at any retail shop like the ones at the nearest shopping mall.

Some promotions are worse than the competition out there, and some houses are not trustworthy. The current market average for sports betting is 50% and 100% as a deposit bonus, so if you see, for example, a house offering 4000% in deposit bonus, there’s a considerable chance this operator isn’t licensed and this could be just a scheme.

Moreover, the reputation of gambling houses can oscillate over time. It’s important to stay tuned and understand if a house is close to bankruptcy. But the recreational players may not have the time to research about the operators. There’s a solution that can help you: there are betting guides that can help you with fresh reviews about the bookies as well as their current promotions.

This type of analysis can be found on, for example. It’s important to count on the expertise of professionals to choose carefully the next site that you’ll test. Moreover, we suggest that you enjoy as many betting bonuses offers as possible, as long as these bookies are present at the list of recommended ones of trusted websites like our partners above.