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Georgy Cherdantsev: Juventus is the absolute favorite in the match against Roma “

The popular football commentator and host of Match TV Georgy Cherdantsev made a prediction for the Serie A round 2 match RomaJuventus. The game will take place on September 27, beginning at 21.45 Moscow time.

 Roma are not a very clear team. In addition to the fact that she now has problems, everything else is not very clear in which direction this team is moving and developing. If 2-3 years ago it was possible to say with confidence that Roma will not lose, take the victory of Roma or build on Roma, today Juventus is the absolute favorite of this match, “Georgy Cherdantsev is convinced.

Roma lost with a large score to Verona – it doesn’t fit into any goal at all. All the time there is talk about the sale of certain players. This suggests that for a long time Roma does not see itself as a team that is going to fight for the Scudetto. Again, there are some frictions and movements in the leadership, now the club is far from stability, – continues the commentator on Match TV. – Plus, Fonseca’s coach last season did not prove himself as a coach who knows how to stage a bright and attacking game that Roma fans want to see. Okay, with an attacking game – at least a game that consistently yielded results. “

“Regarding Juventus, we made sure that everything is in order with Pirlo – the relationship with Ronaldo is very important for the microclimate in the team for the coach who heads Juventus. On the example of Sarri, we understood this well – it is very important to get along with Ronaldo, it seems that Pirlo is all right with that. Juventus even surpassed expectations in the game with Sampdoria, won bigger than one would expect, “Cherdantsev continues. “I think Juventus is the favorite in this match.”

In Serie A, after the first round, Juventus is in third place. Nine teams in the first match, having won, have three points each. Roma, respectively, having suffered a defeat, has zero points in the column, being in the penultimate 19th place, and even then, because Sampdoria also lost its second match, which started a new round.