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How did Ronaldo become the most popular man on Instagram?

Quite possibly every adjective in the book has been used to describe Cristiano Ronaldo. Such is the aura and phenomena of the man, which exudes confidence, success, and global stardom.

There is no need to tell you what the man has done on the pitch, but Ronaldo is also Ronaldo when it comes to the business side of the game.

The CR7 brand is the biggest in football as a product, Ronaldo has invested in so many ventures that his characteristics resemble that of a businessman.

And this same brand has made Cristiano Ronaldo the most followed human being on Instagram.

Ronaldo generates 1.6 million dollars per Instagram post. One click he can buy a car, another he might afford a house, several more he will buy a superyacht.

With 400 million followers there is no end to what he can do. Cristiano Ronaldo is the ultimate protagonist on earth!

So how did Ronaldo become the most famous man on Instagram? – let’s try to find that out!

1] Diversification

Now, most footballers will have a very generic Instagram account. A photo of them playing, maybe a photo of their family, or some random post-training equipment that they urge you to buy in a monotonous voice!

The point is their accounts lack smart choices and cater to only football-specific audiences.

If you go to Cristiano’s Instagram account now, you will be engulfed with intentional put diversity.

The posts on his account can be categorized into four categories that cater to different audiences – Football, lifestyle, body, and sponsorships.

A photo in a Real Madrid or United shirt will fetch him likes and shares from the followers of those clubs.

The sumptuous body that he has built, will attract followers from a different domain.

In fact, his body and lifestyle posts are more popular compared to his football posts.

So, this exact diversification helps Ronaldo to market the CR7 brand not just to the already loving football freaks but even beyond that. Hitting the right cords with the lifestyle and fitness markets.

Not to forget, he is a beast on the football pitch.

With numbers that he produces even when he is 38 years old, only enhance the authenticity and genuineness of the CR7 brand.

2] His deal with Peter Lim

In 2015 Ronaldo sold his image rights to Peter Lim of Valencia Football Club. Peter Lim is a rich man in Singapore who owns a media company called Mint Media.

In what could have been a risky move for CR7, 7 years later it has paid off.

Ronaldo made this deal with Peter Lim to increase his presence in Asia. The strategy seems to be working as Ronaldo is ranked the most popular footballer in China, year in year out.

Over the last half-decade, Ronaldo’s presence has increased in the Asian market. It is not by coincidence but a product of meticulously planning, smart collaborations, and intentional attention.

Ronaldo is also collaborating with the son of Peter Lim, who has an upcoming start-up called Zuju GP which aims to connect the east with the west by using virtual reality and artificial intelligence and looks to create a virtual space for the whole footballing eco-system.

But till then, let’s enjoy football the way it is, and let’s enjoy Cristiano Ronaldo as long as he is playing football on the pitch!

The CR7 brand has announced its presence in every corner of the world, and its creator is a beast on the field as well as outside of it!

He is a once in a lifetime, an anomaly, a magic, a global phenomenon, The best footballer on earth – Cristiano Ronaldo!