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Tottenham players participate in NFL-based quiz

Some of Tottenham Hotspur’s stars have been shown participating in a video that saw them have the knowledge of the NFL be tested, with some rather mixed results to say the least.

The club host a couple of NFL games each year as American Football comes across the Atlantic each year to try and continue in its efforts to make the sport as popular as possible and improve its appeal in the UK and Europe.

Therefore, it only seemed right that a couple of Spurs players were put through their paces and were tested across a range of different things to see whether they have been taking in the sport or not.

In Tottenham’s video with Betway, Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg, Sergio Reguilon, Ben Davies and Lucas Moura are participating in teams as they compete against each other for the bragging rights, however it becomes rather apparent that one team knows more than the other as the rounds progress.

There were a total of three rounds that can be witnessed in the video:

  • Round 1 featured a game of charades
  • Round 2 was a round that looked to test the players’ knowledge regarding certain NFL jargon
  • Round 3 was a geography-based game where they had to place the teams on a map

The first round saw the two teams compete against each other in a game of charades where they needed to guess the NFL team that was being acted out.

Reguilon was tasked with providing Hojbjerg with the actions and the pair did well as the Spaniard was able to provide a number of impressive actions, including the Cowboys and the Dolphins.

Moura had to act out a set of different teams for Davis, with the pair also fairing rather successful.

A jargon-buster was the second round of this competition for the players and this is where the NFL knowledge really showed through for one team compared to the other.

Moura and Davis knew many of the terms that they were provided with and managed to get all of them correct, whilst also appearing to enjoy themselves when witnessing Hojbjerg and Reguilon trying to bluff and guess their way through the round with some rather interesting answers.

The final round would then keep the scores similar as the players had to look to try and locate where NFL teams were based and played their matches on a blank map of the United States of America.

In the end, the video shows that the team of Moura and Davies edge out 12-11 winners in a result that the pair had seemed to find surprising, with Davies ponding just how badly the other team had actually been.