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In August 2017, jimmy bullard replaced TV presenter Helen Chamberlain, who until then had remained the permanent face of the Soccer AM program for 22 years. By that time, he had already been repeatedly involved in filming in the program, first as an invited guest, and then as a host of his own headings. In particular, he tried to repeat the most impressive goals in the history of the Premier League and toured the bases of British football clubs, where he competed with players in various training challenges under the heading You know the drill.

And in 2014 he took part in the British show I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here (analogue in Russia – “The Last Hero“). However, the latter was largely forced by an unsuccessful investment in the project of ex-Wolverhampton midfielder Michael McIndo. Simply put, Bullard lost £ 600,000 in a pyramid scheme.

“The ball went straight through the glass elevator.”

In addition to the constant gags, Bullard has at least two big hobbies. First, he is fishing. And he has been doing this since the age of eight – from the very moment when he first picked up a fishing rod donated by his father. Jimmy still remembers his first fish – a tiny roach caught in the lake near his house. At that moment, he became the pride of his father, a regular at the club of professional anglers. And while recovering from his injury, he defeated several professional English fishermen in local competitions. And even won the championship at the Gold Valley Lakes complex near Aldershot.

Stan Collymore: “If I had a dog, I would call him Ronaldo”

Secondly, Bullard is a big golf fan. One day he decided to show off his golfer skills to his Fulham partners at a hotel. He hit them with golf balls as soon as they got out of the elevator. One of the players picked up one such ball and threw it at Jimmy, who hit it with his club with all his might towards the glass elevator. “The ball went straight through the glass elevator … and smashed it from top to bottom. Not my best moment, ”the midfielder recalls.

Jimmy always looked like a puppy or a child. The same naughty, but charming. He has proven his versatility many times – the ability to adapt to different environments and audiences. I could have accomplished more in my playing career if I had been able to focus, but then it wouldn’t have been him. Banter has always been Bullard’s true calling in life, and he fully embraced this fact.